The road to Sony’s involvement in the video game industry began way back in 1986. It is a story littered with broken promises, court cases and Sony almost walking away from ever being involved in video games.

Eventually redeeming themselves with the creation of a system that certainly defines the 90’s and disc based gaming as we know it today.
Sony was involved in talks with video game giant Nintendo. Sony at the time was well known for it’s involvemnt in CD technology going back to the late 70’s, but had never had any involvment up to that point with video games. Nintendo wanted to create an add-on for the SNES known as the SNES- CD, much like SEGA accomplished with the
SEGA-CD. (Mega-CD in Europe) An agreement was reached and contracts were drawn up.

Sony also had plans to develop their own hardware as a stand-alone unit capable of playing the CD games and SNES cartridges. The device would be able to play music CDs as well and be more of a full entertainment solution, not just a gaming console.  This clearly was an idea that Sony took to heart later as they worked on the Playstation and PS2. – Read the rest of the article here from Classic Console Magazine (courtesy of Old School Gamer)!

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