It seems like some of the best-selling consoles like PlayStation and Nintendo have decided to re-make their older consoles for people who want to enjoy playing classic games. This might be a new trend that they want to follow, providing players trip down through memory lane.

The first PlayStation console was released back in late 1994, the same year Kurt Cobain passed away, and The Dallas Cowboys were NFL Champions. IT was also a year that might have upsetted MLB odds, since the players went on strike, being the second time the World Series wasn’t played since 1904.

The Playstation console, the first one, was highly successful coming at fourth place for the best-selling console of all time with over 100 million units sold. No wonder why they try to do a re-make of the original.

Since the new PlayStation Classic was announced, it sparked a fire in people’s hearts, especially for the older generation who have spent many hours playing some of the greatest games on the first PlayStation. The PlayStation Classic looks like the original gray console, except its 45 percent smaller. This is a good thing and makes it portable and easy to travel with.

They managed to keep the same buttons on the console and by hitting the reset button you will go back to the Home Screen and the Eject button lets you swap through games virtually. On the back side, we can find more up to date connections like HDMI and micro-USB port for power.

The small drawback is that Sony decided not to include a USB AC adapter in the box, maybe they assumed that we already have one at home. The console can be powered by any USB port that delivers 1 amp of power, but users report problems that they can only play the console with AC adapter.

Maybe the reason for the missing part is just because Sony is trying to cut every corner in order to achieve the listed price of $100. It is a very affordable console and it can be the perfect gift for any gamer.

The other drawback is the controllers. PlayStation Classic is equipped with re-creations of the original controllers, which means that there are no Dual Shock analog sticks or vibration. This can truly break our game experience, and they would have been better off with an original controller.

Additionally, the cables are only 4.9 feet long which will not be enough in order to reach your perfect position. However, you can add USB extensions to extend the length.

After you connect the PlayStation Classic and click the power button, it immediately goes into the home screen, which is a carousel with all the games available to play. Most of the games that are available are re-created perfectly such as Final Fantasy VII and Metal Gear Solid.

However, the emulation is not always consistent and you can experience some significant frame-rate dips. Even though most of the games are emulated well, their textures and 3D models seem muddy and not compatible with 720p on modern HD TV’s. 2D games seem to cope better with modern technology giving players a more pleasant experience.

This new console comes with many games on it. Some of the titles are truly great and will bring you back a lot of memories from the past. Games such as Grand Theft Auto, Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid, Rayman, Resident Evil Director’s Cut, Tekken 3, Twisted Metal, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, Wild Arms, and more. Sony announced that they will expand the number of games in the system, making the classic console more attractive for buyers.

This new console might not be perfect as today’s standards and lacks some of the features from the original one, but it is truly practical with the small size and it is very fun and cheap. It will definitely bring back nostalgic memories from all the best games played in the past.

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