On our site, we have repeatedly talked about different classic games from the 80s. But this game was undeservedly deprived of our attention and today we’ll fix it. Plinko was first introduced in 1983 as part of the television program “The Price Is Right“. At that time, the prize fund was pretty big, up to $50,000, but smaller prizes were also raffled off. The fact that the game could enrich a person and at the same time did not require any skills, quickly make it the most famous of all the “The Price Is Right” games and allow it to got fans not only in the United States but also in the whole world, including Australia, Canada and the UK. By the way, the game got its name the same uncomplicated way as it’s rules. When chips (disks) are bouncing from peg to peg it makes a noise like “plink, plink, plink”.

Plinko Gameplay

The player has one shot with a disc (Plinko chip) thrown at each stage. As a reward he can acquire up to four prizes, for a sum of five chips. These prizes are presented one in turn, each bearing a two-digit number and one of these numbers was wrong. The player had to decide which digit is right to win another Plinko and get additional reward.

After that, the player takes those Plinko chips that he has earned and throws them. The throw is made on a vertical board with pegs, each row of which is biased against the previous one. At the bottom there are several zones where the disc can land, each of them has its own denomination. Financially, this denomination is:

  • $0;
  • $100;
  • $500;
  • $1,000;
  • $10,000.

One by one, the player puts each Plinko chip to the highest point of the board and push it down. As the chip falls, its trajectory changes with pegs, making it basically difficult to anticipate where the chips will land. Moreover, the Plinko board is made in such a way that the disk will always tend to the center (to the zero). The player wins the amount of money that corresponds to the value of the section (slot) in which the disk falls, and intermediate results are shown on the display next to the Plinko board.

If the disc gets stuck in the course of the fall, the attempt isn’t counted and the player rolls the Plinko chip again. In order to remove the stuck chip, a special stick is used. Showrunner Drew Carey called it the “Plinko wand” or “Plinko stick”.

Bitcoin Plinko

Surely you are interested in the question, has the Plinko game “survived” to our days? Yes, the Plinko game is popular even now, moreover, after the appearance and popularization of bitcoin casinos, it has even more fans. Bitcoin Plinko allows you to play online from anywhere in the world and at any time. Now there’s no need to wait for the start of the TV broadcast, you can just enter a casino website and play. In the modern variation of the game, you can play for free or for real money and get big prize bonuses. And remember that sticky disk issue, Bitcoin Plinko has no problem with that either.

Also, in Plinko with Bitcoins, the gameplay of the game has been expanded. The player can choose the size of the bet, the number of launched balls (in a bitcoin plinko disc replaced by a ball) and the multiplier of the slot. The slot multiplier is the number by which your bet will be multiplied when the ball hits a particular zone. There are three levels available to players:

  • High;
  • Low;
  • Normal.

Biggest wins in Plinko

The biggest win in Plinko on the TV with the $5,000 opening on the daytime show is $21,000 on November 30, 1990, with the $5,000 zone being hit multiple times. This additionally turned out to be the nearest conceivable playing to a full dominance in the match’s set of experiences (translated into modern slots values it’s $41,000 or $81,000 in primetime). If we are talking about dry numbers, the biggest win was in June 2002 when an American Ryan won $40,000 in primetime by hitting the $20,000 slot twice.

There have been no sensational wins in Bitcoin Plinko yet and it is unlikely that there ever will be. This happens because of the format of the online game itself which implies gradual rewards, unlike the original game where you either hit the jackpot or lose. But don’t think that in Bitcoin Plinko you have no chance to hit a big jackpot, the maximum bet multiplier is twenty nine. That means, if you win, your bet will be multiplied by 29 times.

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