Classic gaming podcasts are becoming as common as Combat cartridges, so finding a quality one can become an exasperating experience. Too often the hosts forget to make the show about the games and focus too much on themselves. Fortunately, the guys at RetroGaming Roundup (Mike Kennedy, Mike James, and Scott Schreiber) are able to deliver their impressive gaming knowledge in a way that never speaks down to their audience.

RetroGaming Roundup’s podcasts cover a multitude of subjects and span an impressive and entertaining five-plus hours. The highlight is the “Roundtable” session, where the trio hashes out the best games for a particular platform and compiles them into a “best of” list. The real enjoyment is actually not in the final product, but hearing how the sausage is made. This segment showcases the chemistry among the hosts. Good-natured insults and brutally honest opinions are slung at the expense of some of the questionable choices, while passionate defenses are volleyed in return, often leading to comical exchanges.

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