In the 1970’s Bushnell and another guy called Alcorn released a Pong prototype at a local bar named Andy Capp’s Tavern, yet it wasn’t until 1975 and through a long history that Pong actually appeared in our homes, and on my very own Atari 2600. Thankfully others see Pong as a truely great game for its time and still loved to this day, as fast forward to the here and now, and Richard Bayliss and Martin Piper have released a C64 Pong style game called ‘ ‘POING Ultra ‘; A wacky PONG game that looks like it’s a ton of fun!

From The New Dimension comes this weird an wacky PONG game, written specially for the PONG 50th Anniversary Game Jam run by Retro Programmers Inside and Phaze101. This game is a pong clone, but much weirder. The game was 95% developed on theC64 full size computer It contains the following features. It’s compatible with PAL and NTSC C64’s, has enhanced graphics with really nice background tile animation, a kick ass soundtrack, fully presentable game options and is compatible with VICE, Ultimate and theC64.

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