You probably enjoyed playing video games when you were younger. The anticipation built as soon as we heard the game begin. We miss our friendly rivalries with our classmates and the hours we spent playing together after school. Indeed, those were the good old days.

We need not spend a fortune on such entertainment these days. Many of them may be found for nothing on the internet. They are for sale, and you can play them as much as you like.

Occasionally, we’d like to give in to sentimentality and relive some of our favorite memories.

With the site’s guide, here are our top 12 recommendations for classic video games.

Mario Bros

This Nintendo arcade machine requires you to wipe the floor with every opponent. They are flipped over by being smacked in the stomach. The next step is to rush up to them and kick them. When all adversaries are defeated, the level is complete, and you progress to the next one. There’s also a bonus round where picking up coins can score you big points.

Due to the lack of variety in the game’s mechanics, it might get old quickly. It’s entertaining, though, to see how far you can get. Seeing the iconic Mario Bros. in action as plumbers is fascinating, too. This is the game that introduced Luigi to gaming fans.


Defeat foes and make your way through mazes as Bomberman. Bombs are your best bet for taking out foes and breaking through barriers. You need to be cautious when placing bombs since you could get harmed. Your bombs can be upgraded as you progress through the game.

There have been many sequels and spinoffs to this legendary video game. Bomberman has rechristened Eric and the Floaters for the first European computer ports of the game. This was done to bury any possible IRA ties.


There are 32 levels in this classic arcade game, and you’ll need to shoot down enemy planes and dodge their fire to advance. You can also enhance your weaponry by picking up power-ups.

The gameplay of this vertical shooter may be basic, but it’s incredibly fun. It was a smash hit when it was first published in 1984, and it has since been ported to various gaming systems.


In terms of popularity, this is one of the top picks. In Contra, you may enjoy eight exciting levels of running and shooting. The difficulty of this game has earned it a bad reputation. One hit will kill your character, and you only have three.

Players of Contra were among the first to use the now-iconic Konami Code. Putting it into the game gave you 30 extra lives. Thus, the majority of players were able to win.

Adventure Island

To maintain your strength as Master Higgins, you must regularly consume fruit during the game. There are several foes to defeat and obstacles to navigate. Your first line of defense is an ax, but you can eventually level up to fireballs. Boss battles await you after each area.

Although this game can be challenging at times, it is also incredibly entertaining. There have been numerous adaptations and sequels to it over the years.


Even though some players look down on movie-based video games, the 1990s saw some solid licensed games. There were two video games, Aladdin for the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. In essence, both games are 2D platformers played from the side.

Disney animators contributed to the Genesis adaptation, making it stand out visually. Shinji Mikami, who made his name with the Resident Evil series, was responsible for the SNES adaptation.

Battle City

This is a very basic game, but it’s very fun. While defending your base, you must eliminate opposing tanks on the map. Power-ups of various kinds are also available.

This directional shooter paved the way for games like Tank Force.

Circus Charlie

There are six main levels and several sublevels in Circus Charlie. Different minigames are used to accomplish goals at each level. Activities like these also include trampoline jumping and lion riding.

The first four steps are extremely easy, but the next two can be challenging. Konami Classics Series: Arcade Hits for DS featured this game.

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest

Donkey Kong Country 2 improved upon its predecessor in almost every way to become one of the best platformers ever made. In this game, even the smallest error might spell disaster.

Pre-rendered 3D visuals gave this game a stunning appearance. Donkey Kong Country 2 was so sought after that retailers had trouble keeping enough copies in stock. It was the sixth best-selling game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.


The popular arcade shooter Galaga is the sequel to the classic Galaxian. Every alien opponent that appears on the screen must be destroyed by your ship. Some foes can dive at you, even though you can only move horizontally.


In Kung-Fu, defeating foes was essential to reaching new areas of the game. Each game’s five acts conclude with the player defeating a boss. If you beat the game and start it again, it will be harder.

I had a blast playing this game and beating all of the levels. Spartan was the name given to it in our region. It paved the way for similar games like Streets of Rage and Final Fight.


It’s probably reasonable to assume that this game has been the only video game someone has ever played. You’ll have to do this while trying to avoid ghosts. It only takes one touch to put an end to you. A super pellet, however, can be consumed to turn the tables and consume the specters instead. This will render them useless for the time being.


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