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Are we doing a disservice to our children by letting them play video games uncontrollably? Not really. The opinion surrounding gaming is split, with some people viewing it as an acceptable form of entertainment, but others believe it is a risk to education as it is addictive. 

However, if any video game is played responsibly, video games sharpen students’ minds and improve their thinking capacity. 

Video games equip students with skills that are hard to acquire

Learning is a continuous process, and not all things are taught in school and sometimes students are sometimes looking for someone do my homework for me. Some skills are acquired through observations, and others through daily life experiences. When students play video games, winning is the sole goal. This calls for optimum concentration and concentration.

The skills learned while playing video games are critical to the success of students. Because losing is a part of the game, the students learn to be resilient because when they fail, the next game offers an opportunity to recover. It makes them change their approach and practice even harder to defeat the opponent. Where else can students learn such skills?

It teaches learners the importance of cooperation and teamwork

Most video games are multiplayer esports that requires teamwork to win. To compete, students split into different teams. When playing multiplayer video games, every move is consequential in that it can either bring victory or failure.

When choosing your team members, you must make sagacious decisions. In most cases, students with similar ambitions and gaming styles combine to form a team. Having a good team is not equal to winning; you must stick together through the game if you are to win the game.

Students playing multiplayer games learn the importance of teamwork. Through playing video games, students become more receptive to helping each other in class. They also realize that unity is strength and that they all have a universal goal that binds them, success. And then, of course, there is Ca.Edu.Birdie, the premier assignment writing service. Here you will find assignment help from professional writers who can handle everything from thesis to dissertation and term papers to essays. While you enjoy gaming with your friends, make sure your assignments are on time.

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Improves student’s attention

Video games have a structured storyline that gamers must follow to detail to win the game. Playing video games improves the concentration abilities of students. Some games like FIFA from EA sports and Grand Theft Auto are complex, and concentration is the secret to winning. We all know the importance of concentration during lectures.

Lack of concentration is the most significant contributor to failure in students. The goodness is that concentration is not constant to any students’ success, but a variable that tutors must craft ways of improving. Encouraging students’ to play video games is the simplest and surest way of promoting concentration.

It encourages student-centric learning

Modern video games have in-built algorithms that gamers must study and analyze carefully to win the game. For students playing video games, understanding the game, and improving skills is a personal initiative. Even though several tutorials, like YouTube short clips, are available to guide you to play video games, mastering the gifts is a personal initiative.

Gaming affects learning because it is a watch, learn, and plaything. Most students aim to rise to “pro” ranks to earn bragging rights. Over the years, learning through experience has been deemed the most effective learning format.

For these students, teachers provide guidance, but the practical and technical part of it becomes a personal commitment. Teachers should encourage their students to read independently rather than spoon-feeding, and video games boost this practice.

Students develop improved technical skills.

The fact that video games are played on computers, it is certain that students playing these games learn how to use computer software and various other gadgets. Students who play video games have an added tech knowledge advantage compared to fellow students.

Suppose the student develops an interest in learning computer software at an early stage because of playing video games, he might excel in game development or programming. He can effortlessly pursue that as a career at the latter stages.


Discrediting the effect of video games in the current society is living a lie. Developers of video games are working day and night to create new games and update their current visions. Instead of barring kids from playing video games, please take advantage of the change but getting the best out of it. Keep it positive and use video games o your advantage.

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