Pyxa is a DIY game console.

Pyxa comes as an all-inclusive do-it-yourself kit allowing users to build their game console and create their own video games whilst learning about coding.

During the assembly, users will get familiar with each component of a game console and explore their functions. Assembly is fairly simple and does not require any tools or special skills. No soldering is needed to make Pyxa work.

Resolution of Pyxa is 128 x 160 pixels and it is capable of displaying full 18-bit colour. Pyxais based on ATmega328P processor, and it accomodates a micro SD card socket for displaying bitmap images and a buzzer to add sound to your video games.

Rechargeable battery has 600 mAh storage, which will provide at least 4 hours of non-stop gaming.

Once done with the assembly, users can start coding with Arduino Software (IDE). Our educational guide is aimed at new beginners and will take you through every step of creating a video game. Alternatively, you can simply download the video games we have already created, upload them to your Pyxa and start playing!

Pyxa is a great way for everyone to learn about programming algorithms and game development. With Pyxa, you can create your own video games from scratch, replicate any retro video games you like or make storytelling games by using actual images.

Explore how a game console works, create your own video games, and share them with your friends.

Pyxa, by Creoqode.

Below is the unedited video of Pyxa that is ready to go into production.

 project video thumbnail

Risks and challenges

As Creoqode, we are in the market for more than two years now and gained a valuable experience about manufacturing, packing, customer service and international shipping. We are already in touch with manufacturers for Pyxa and arranged the production. Pyxa can get into production straight after the funds are received. As the founder of Creoqode, I strongly believe that risks involved for on time delivery of Pyxa will be extremely unlikely.

However, it would be fair to note that we will be shipping the product globally, and the taxation, customs duties and other regulations might be different across some countries which might cause some minor delays. However, Creoqode team has extensively researched global delivery of Pyxa and partnered up with DHL in order to preempt any challenges we may face. Additionally, we have set the delivery date as June 2019 leaving us plenty of time to ensure on-time delivery.

Additionally, we will be putting all our effort to prepare detailed and easy to follow tutorials for hardware, assembly and coding. However, after the delivery of Pyxa, some users might still have questions regarding technical aspects of the product or might require assistance, which Creoqode help desk formed of 3 programmers and 2 electrical engineers will be able to answer immediately. We are all prepared for you to have an exciting and smooth experience with Pyxa.

For any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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