If you like tower defense style games, then you can thank Atari Games’ John Salwitz for creating Rampart. While not an actual tower defense game in itself, the 1990 coin-op pioneered the ideas of erecting structures to defend territory while making repairs between attack levels almost two decades before the real-time strategy subgenre became all the rage. Plus, when you dropped a quarter into the machine it blared of trumpet fanfare!

In Rampart you travel back in time to the Middle Ages building fortifications and positioning cannons just as the powerful lords and barons once did. Rampart combines strategy with dynamite action and destruction!

Rampart is divided between three distinctly different stages. The first, labeled “Prepare for Battle” is the initial attack round and features enemy boats blasting your defensive perimeter while you try to sink them into the blue ocean. If they reach ground, mobile units referred to as Grunts emerge and storm your castle. Engage the enemy for ten seconds until the cabinet boldly declares, “CEASE FIRE”

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