If you’re looking for a new NES game to try and want one to satisfy your retro gaming needs, then look no further than this latest news update! As thanks to a heads up by a good friend of ours on Twitter, we have been told that MercuryBD has released the high quality Zelda inspiration of Raven’s Gate for the NES. A brand new game entered into the NESDev Compo 2022 which should keep you entertained for more than just a few hours. In light of this news, we’ve got a new gameplay video to show you as well.

“You start your journey as a hero in Golden Forest and your task is to go through world slain’ enemies, collecting items and helping humans in quests. The game features more than 70 rooms to go through, 4 worlds ( Golden Forest , Frosty Mountains, The Boneyard and Raven’s Gate ), Items and weapons to equip, a lot of enemies to slay, 3 quests to complete, shops to buy items from, and finally the game can be played using an emulator (I recommend Mesen) or using a flash cart such as the Everdrive on a real NES device”.

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