Through the work of industry-sanctioned simulators and definitive edition rereleases, classic games have received a modern-day refresh on the major platforms. Where some developers may perhaps be missing a trick is the mobile market, however, which Yahoo notes will soon be responsible for 60% of industry interest. Already, certain developers have remade or retuned their retro games for the new generation, and have done so to astounding effect.

The retro arcade

At the forefront of these remakes are the ones that perhaps need the least technological nous to bring onto the mobile platform. As Android Authority highlights in a review of the best titles making their way onto that platform, Pacman is there alongside other arcade originals like Tetris in receiving a retro-styled yet modern fundamentals makeover. Reproducing the arcade environment through Pinball, Tetris, and Space Invader, and indeed the fun of the social casino environment through services like McLuck, gives gamers from all backgrounds and with different quality devices to properly enjoy retro arcade vibes without needing to head out.

Storytelling in your hand

Another key area in which retro gaming has expanded is the classic storytelling PC game arena. As Android Police notes, you can now play classic horror System Shock, iconic RPG Baldur’s Gate II: Shadow of Amn, legendary Star Wars RPGs KotOR I & II and action RPG classic Final Fantasy I through IX. In the place of a good novel, but also offering RPG thrills, capturing the attention.

 Challenging your skill

Alongside these classic RPGs are some of the most enjoyable dungeon-crawling action games ever made. Prince of Persia, Castlevania and Oddworld bring serious old-school action alongside fun storytelling, really imparting a sense of the golden age of PlayStation gaming to mobile gamers. Recapturing nostalgia in this way is a fantastic use of the mobile device, and gives a bit more flavor especially when compared with the spammable instant thrills of Fortnite, Call of Duty and League of Legends.

Countless other titles are now available on the mobile phone, from Neverwinter Nights to Leisure Suit Larry, to the once wondrous technological feats of Myst. It’s somewhat unthinkable that the latter could now be played on mobile. Together, they’re making retro gaming attractive and very easy to get into through what is probably the most common technological medium – the smartphone.

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