No matter how advanced the gaming industry becomes, retro games will always have a special place in everyone’s hearts. After all, these games are the ones that laid the foundation of the gaming industry.  We might not play them all the time anymore, but going back to them a replica now and then is something that we all have done.

However, we are talking of retro games here, which means that they require special consoles and player tools. As these are not manufactured anymore, playing them could be a bit difficult. Yet, there are online sites that offer these games to you so that you can easily play them on your smartphone. Feeling nostalgic about those retro games that you played as a kid? We have a list of the top retro games that you can go back to and play on your smartphone.


Even those who are not game fanatics know of Tetris. It is one of the most popular retro games that was ever created and also one retro game that can be easily found on your android and iOS. Arrange the falling blocks and relive your childhood memories on your smartphones.

Prince of Persia: Escape

Back in its time, its graphics were groundbreaking. But it was not just that— the game in itself was a great play, and many till date love it immensely. While this version might not be the exact deal, it still is the closest to the original, which you can play on your smartphone.

Crazy Taxi Classic

This is the game that preceded Grand Theft and was the first of its kind. Introduced as an arcade game, it had stunning visuals for its time with hyped music. Soon, it was introduced on consoles, and now you can play it on your smartphones. Play the role of the adventurer taxi driver and groove to the tunes of The Offspring and Bad Religion in this classic game.

Sonic the Hedgehog Classic

No retro game list will ever be complete without the mention of this classic. The very first one in the series, this series was given so much love that now you can find an iOS and Android version of it for you to relive your childhood excitement. Now, get your favorite speedy porcupine across all the levels on your smartphone.

Pac Man

Would it be fair to talk of retro games and not mention the legendary Pac-Man? Especially when you can enjoy it on your smartphone any time you want? We will not explain how the game works (who doesn’t know?) but instead ask you to get your arcade feels back as you play this legendary classic on your smartphone, anytime you want.

Super Mario Run

Another legendary game that is popular with all types of people, Super Mario, is an icon of its time. With this version of Super Mario Run, you can easily play it on your smartphones without as much as a hitch. The controls are simplified, but the experience will still be wholesome. Therefore, get ready to steer Mario through all the levels to ultimate victory!

Space Invaders

Before any of the high graphics games came out, these games were the ones that ruled the gaming back, and given how players keep coming back to these games, it is clear they still have their charms. This simple yet addictive game of eliminating invasive airplanes is one of the most popular retro games. This version (developed by Taito) is an exact replica of the origin and is available for android and iOS.


Retro games have become more than history but a feeling that many feel familiar with. Though they are vintage on their own, the love for these games is anything but old. There are many games in today’s time, such as European Wheel Game and more, but every once in a while, you feel like going back to the oldies.

Therefore, if you feel like playing these games any time, refer to this article and know that they are very much available for you to play on your smartphones. So, let the child in you step out and get lost in the aesthetics of retro games.

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