Recently, the culture of retro games has begun to gain more and more mainstream character. YouTube channels on this topic have an audience of thousands, and individual videos can gain more than one million views.

However, many gamers are just getting started with the world of vintage video game entertainment. And very quickly they get lost among millions of projects. Also, you may get interested in some other game types like the ones to be found in the DraftKings PA casino review.

In any case, we’ve selected for you a dozen of those games of the past years that everyone should try. So let’s go!

Donkey Kong Country Trilogy

Fortunately, a series of retro games about a funny gorilla and her friends became widespread due to the high-cost promotion of the Super Nintendo.

However, this project can be safely considered one of the best platformers of the 16-bit era. First of all, the technical implementation of the project deserves attention. After all, this is one of the first games with full 3D graphics.

All in-game sprites, from locations to characters, are digitized 3D models, which took the developers more than a year and a half to create. Because of this, the first part of Donkey Kong Country came out towards the end of the Super Nintendo’s life cycle, namely in 1994.

This was followed by two sequels, which were no worse than the original, not only from the visual side, but also from the gameplay point of view.

Speaking of gameplay, all three parts of DKC are insanely dynamic and fun, and the level design of these games is still capable of surprising even the most sophisticated player.


Speaking of Donkey Kong, one cannot fail to mention the main competitor of this series, namely Vectorman from SEGA. The incredibly detailed DK picture at that time was difficult to surpass, so the developers decided to create something different, resorting to using skeletal animation technology.

All objects of the game were divided by the engine into many sectors and were animated separately.

For example, the sprite of the main character was divided into 28 elements, thanks to which it was possible to achieve truly realistic animation of the character’s behavior, which the same Donkey Kong could not boast of.

The gameplay, in my opinion, is greatly simplified when compared with the same DK. However, the creation of SEGA clings with style and atmosphere, it is a cross between the good old terminator and the blade runner. We’d also add driving and electronic music to this cocktail and as a result we get Cyberpunk 2077 of its time.

Wendy: Every Witch Way

This, at first glance, uncomplicated platformer about a little witch can delight the player, you just have to study it a little.

After all, this is one of the first games to use the anti-gravity mechanic. The main character has magic shoes in her arsenal that can pull her upside down to the ceiling.

This trick is tied to the solution of puzzles, which have to be solved simultaneously in two planes, and not to say that the tasks are hellishly difficult, but in some places you have to really wiggle the convolutions.

The gameplay is addictive, and in the heat of the game you can forget that it was released in 2001 for the GameBoy Color handheld console. And it can easily be mistaken for a modern indie piece.

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