Have you ever wondered how retro games compare to modern games of today? Gaming has come a long way and in light of this, gaming experts at Crucial.com have looked compared data around retro vs modern games to find out, the value of retro consoles over time, the expansion of video game storage, the largest video games by file size, and the largest open-world maps.

Some key findings:

  • NEO-GEO would be the most expensive at an eye-watering $3,205.
  • The Odyssey was $99, which, with inflation, would equal approximately $633 in 2022 — more than most modern-day consoles.
  • The largest modern game by file size is ARK: Survival Evolved, which, when you’ve downloaded all the additional downloadable content (DLC), takes up a whopping 275GB of storage.
  • The game with the biggest map is No Man’s Sky, which has 255 galaxies that are packed with stars and planets. It’s calculated that this map is around 31.7 sextillions km2 (a sextillion has 21 zeros).
  • The oldest game in the list is Star Control II: The Ur-Quan Masters; released in 1992 and sitting third on the list, it’s another game based in space with 500 stars and 3,800 planets.

Sound interesting check out the full report here: Click Below:

The Evolution of Gaming: Retro vs Modern Gaming



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