Conker was originally conceived to be sweet, charming, and family-friendly. However, after an early build received criticism for being “too cute,” the developer retooled the game in defiance for an adult audience. Since the game packaging still paraded rather adorable looking creatures on the cover, Nintendo was quick to make sure that no parents accidently purchased the game for their child. They clearly stamped “ADVISORY: THIS GAME IS NOT FOR ANYONE UNDER AGE 17” on the front of the box, where not even a blind man could miss it.

The game opens with a very small red squirrel, adorned with a shiny crown, tilted to one side, sitting atop a very large plush throne. He proceeds to tell the tale of how, in a single day, he unwittingly became the king.

The story begins with Conker at The Cock and Plucker pub where he is on the phone misleading his love interest, Berri, about his whereabouts. He is partying it up with his pals, all of whom agree that Conker’s relationship with Berri will “end in tears!”

After consuming a few too many drinks, Conker stumbles into the road. His eyesight hindered by binge drinking in combination with the torrential downpour lead Conker to misread the road sign and stumble in the direction of ‘Nasty Street,’ where he promptly passes out.

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