Just when no one thought it could happen, a sequel  to the fantastic WWF WrestleFest arcade game has  appeared in the form of RetroMania Wrestling. The  Road Warriors make their return to this pixelated  smash fest along with a mix of 14 other superstars.  Legendary wrestlers like Tommy Dreamer are featured  with a great selection of modern stars like Jeff Cobb  and Colt Cabana. With the video game wrestling  landscape growing, does RetroMania Wrestling have  what it takes to become a heavyweight champ?


Most modern wrestling games like Fire Pro Wrestling  or WWE 2K can be daunting to play due to the com plexity that has been added to them over the years  and can lead to an underwhelming experience for  casual wrestling fans. RetroMania Wrestling‘s most  appealing feature is just how simple it is to play. The  controls and momentum mechanics of the game are  easy to understand, and within seconds you can start….

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