Recently, Old School Gamer Magazine was proud to talk about the Raspiboy and how successful it was funded on Kickstarter.  Now, Pierre-Louis Boyer, the creator of the Raspiboy is at it again with a new and improved handheld marvel called the RetroStone.

And this is one system that can’t be taken for granted.  What actually looks like the original Gameboy, has so much more to it.  Unlike the Raspiboy that has two USB ports on top, the RetroStone has a total of four USB ports on the top.  And with a HDMI output on the side and also a memory card insert on the other side, this will transform it from a gaming unit into a personal computer.  Compared to the Raspiboy, the RetroStone will have even more opportunities for the user.

And for those who like to play the games that have more than the regular four button options, on the back there are four more buttons to complete those famous combos.

With 34 days left in the campaign, the RetroStone has well over reached its goal and is looking to go even further.

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