Angry Birds has soared through the list of killer app titles for the iPhone and iPod touch, and it’s not hard to see why.

This highly accessible title has players seeking revenge on a herd of green pigs that have stolen a collection of bird eggs. Reprisal comes in the form of slingshotting the slighted birds into fortresses sheltering the guilty swine. Physics come into play as players use the touch screen to control both the speed and angle in which each bird is flung.

Early levels are simple enough and work more as a tutorial for the highly responsive controls, but later levels become real melon-scratchers. Players are given a preset amount of birds that must be used wisely. Basic red birds give way to more complex types, such as blue ones that split into three birds, yellow ones that accelerate at your command, and birds that explode on contact. Different building
materials also react to each bird in different ways.

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