Hyperkin’s Retron HD is cool no doubt about it. As the owner of a Hyperkin Retron 5 (plays tons of different consoles through downloading the Roms from the cartridge slots and has its own interface for loading games, etc, I’m thrilled that they made a unit like this just for playing Nintendo. This unit is built fantastic and is exactly what I wanted to put into my bedroom so I can get some Nintendo on instead of watching too much Netflix.

Let’s start out with the packaging, after getting mine in from DKOldies I opened it up to find it was well done without a doubt on the box, the unit, the accessories everything. It comes with the main unit, a fantastic controller, one 3ft HD cable and a 6 ft micro USB charge cable. If you want to hook it up old school with normal av (yellow/red/white) type plugs, you can still do that but then why would you be buying this. Over the last ten years companies have been coming out with what I would consider “NES Knockoffs”, usually of very cheap manufacturing with fall apart level circuit boards and flimsy plastic. Both this unit and one of the others on the market that have come out this summer/fall got away from that (we will cover the Retro-Bit unit in a separate article on the next page.) – Read the rest of this article on page 37 by clicking here!




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