I have had an account at AtariAge. com for about five years and just got involved in it once we started to work on Old School Gamer Magazine. That is when I found out so much more about the community of gamers that is there and about the games that they release for various retro consoles.

While they specialize in Atari 2600/5200/7800 and Jaguar related late releases of games, they also market games for Intellivision and Colecovision. Late releases, means games that were put out long after the original first run of games had ended and the manufacturers have stopped supporting their own products. Some people (including AtariAge) call these games “homebrew” but when you consider the level of development, graphically, artistically and everything else, calling them homebrew almost puts them down.

Stay tuned in this column for more game reviews as part of this series as we delve into games offered by AtariAge, Collectorvision, Good Deal Games and the many other inde- pendent publishers of games. While these are not necessarily the latest releases from AtariAge, they are ones that hit my interest level to start this column out with.

Scramble by Champ Games as released by AtariAge – As a lover of SCHMUP games like Defender, Gradius and others this one is perfect for me. Based on the 1981 arcade release they have faithfully replicated the game now on your 40 year old technology Atari 2600. With the help of an extra chip in the cartridge and 32k and a team of 5 programmed this fantastic game. Playing it with my new Epyx 500 XJ controller (you all know the one that we all wanted), it is a fantastic nicely paced hori- zontal shooter. Going to go spend some more time on the game right now!

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