In 1986 Technos released a landmark game in Japan called Renegade. This was the first real beat ̳em up game on the NES. It introduced us to being able to walk in any direction, dueling it out with bad guys that take multiple hits to kill and the idea that only two bad guys can be on the screen with you. Renegade was a decently popular game and paved the way for Technos‘ most successful game: Double Dragon. While the Double Dragon series was clearly Technos‘ big moneymaker in the United States, its other main series dubbed the ―Downtown Nekketsu‖ series was very successful in Japan and has rapidly grown in stature in the United States as well.

River City Ransom is the third game in the Downtown Nekketsu series. One major improvement over Renegade in the gameplay arena is that River City Ransom is a two-player simultaneous beat ̳em up.

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