We always try to get the best in retro gaming news for our readers, and as such we’ve just found out through Andy Godoy of The ZX Spectrum Podcast, that Oscar Celestini SHOP recently released a rather awesome looking PC 80’s/90’s tribute game of ‘Robocop Vs Predator’. A game which doesn’t just feature lots of kick ass action that would even feel right at home at the Arcades, but also graphical aesthetics giving it a Gameboy look. I mean seriously with feedback such as “This is not a fangame. It is a true video game” it makes it worth checking out!


Here’s what the creator says about Robocop Vs Predator. “Robocop is involved in an awesome adventure against Predator, but the terrible alien is not the only problem that he’ll face. More troubles from the future are coming, but some friends also, to fight this final war and save the future of the human race! This game is a lovely tribute to the cult movies of 80s and 90s. If you loved them as my team, you’ll like this little gem we made for you”.
Main Features:
  • -4 video filters (CRT-ON grey, CRT-ON green, CRT-OFF grey, CRT-OFF green);
  • -Original Story;
  • -5 zones, 2 act each;
  • -Shooter Bonus stage;
  • -5 bosses.
  • -Autosave (if you choose CONTINUE at the main screen you’ll start from the last level reached in the last game.)
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