If you love C64 games and want to own a game that features some damn fine box art, then you’ll be pleased to know as thanks to a heads up on Twitter, that Badger Punch Games latest offering of ‘Rogue64’ is not only available for purchasing through Bitmap Soft, but as of this week some have already received their orders and began to load up this rather lovely game on the C64. For those of you who haven’t heard of this game before, it’s a rather cool looking Roguelike whereby every play of the game is a unique experience, with challenging procedural generated levels!

You are Zendar the explorer, looking for treasure and fame in the dungeons of Mordecoom! Rumour has it that there is a magic item at the bottom of the dungeon, and you want it! The only problem is that there are evil cave dwellers lurking in the dark, waiting to attack as you travel deeper and deeper into this cube-like tentacle terror maze. The dungeons of Mordecoom are waiting. The game features tough monsters that become ever more dangerous as you progress, bigger challenges, wonderful rewards for those who are close to the end, glorious pixelated graphics, a lovely soundtrack by Sami Louko, and more you’ll just have to experience for yourselves!

Links :1) Twitter / Bitmap Soft 2) Order Via Bitmap Soft 3) Website

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