In the beginning, God created Nintendo, and it was good; shortly after she created man, and quickly realized she should have stuck with Nintendo. Then around 20 years went by and man asked himself, “Hey, if God can do it, why can I?” And thus, the ROM hacker was born.

ROM hacking is a fun, and possibly illegal way to breathe life back into those stale ROMs idly sitting on your hard drive twiddling their thumbs in boredom. In fact, you can take the worst game ever created; I’m talking about Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of course, and turn it into an enjoyable afternoon. The majority of ROM hacking is done by editing graphics using a tile editor, and editing code using a hex editor. Since this article is meant for beginners, I’m going to discuss how to edit the graphics in a ROM. Editing graphics is pretty simple, and provides quicker results, then learning how to edit hex. However, if you really want to alter a ROM, you will need to learn how to edit the hexadecimal code.

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