While many coin-op machines graced the bar scene in the early eighties, only Tapper resembled the actual bar in which it dwelled in 1983. This hulking box of electronic joy not only played a great game but dressed for the occasion! Decked out
with an ashtray, a place to hold your beer and a brass foot rail to rest your tired feet, it was the perfect game to play after a long day. Even a true-to-life pour spout, complete with the Budweiser logo, emblazoned the handles!

In fact, it is so similar to the seedy bar scene that in an early build of the game, the animated bar patrons even let out a loud belch after gulping their brew. This proved to be too rude, too annoying and just too much, so the Texas  Instruments sound chip was ultimately discarded and Tapper never burped again.

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