With the end of the year fast approaching and Christmas slowly ending up at the back of our minds, there’s still time for us to put in a few games on Indie Retro News that celebrate the festive season. One such game that was released a little while ago, with a complete 9 level version coming in just a few days is Marco Giorgini challenging yet highly enjoyable C64 game of Santa’s Rats Issue; a game in which you need to avoid deadly rodents and find dangerous presents as revenge for the traps!


As noted by the website : Your longest night is nearing its end when you discover that, in a small town, rats have joined forces with other animals to fill houses with dangerous presents as revenge for the traps. So your task doubles: not only will you have to deliver the right presents under the Christmas trees, but you’ll have to remove the bad ones – all before morning comes! So yes certainly a game that not only sounds like a lot of fun as the creators first C64 game, but it also features an original soundtrack by Andrea Capitani!

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