Floating Technology Provides Six Degrees of Airflow and Advanced Ergonomics Provide Comfort for Extended Handheld Gameplay.

Fresno, CA. One year after delivering the company’s groundbreaking Kickstarter campaign for a unique asymmetric, pro-controller gaming grip, Satisfye has introduced the SwitchGrip Pro for the Nintendo Switch. The culmination of extensive gaming community feedback, the SwitchGrip Pro is designed to be the new ultimate gaming grip for the Switch. The Switch “floats” in the grip, suspended by silicon cushions providing free airflow, superior protection, and a firm interface between the Switch and grip. The asymmetric design has a refined hand angle for maximum control and extended gameplay. The grip now fits a broader range of hand sizes ranging from small to large and offers more comfort to all users.

SwitchGrip Pro Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6nhsrT9joA


SwtichGrip Pro Overview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtpUB6QblcA

“After one year of community feedback and extensive testing, we are proud to introduce our second-generation design and accessories which improve ergonomics, broaden fit, and provide many quality of life improvements,” said Phillip Brand, CEO of Satisfye. “The SwtichGrip Pro is the ultimate gaming grip for the Switch and shows our relentless commitment to innovation and the gaming community.”


The new grip and case bundles are available exclusively at www.satisfye.com and will ship in about 30 days. In appreciation of our customers and community, special early bird discounts are available for a limited time.


About the SwitchGrip Pro & Bundles


The Satisfye SwitchGrip Pro is an ergonomic, asymmetric pro gaming grip for mobile users of the Nintendo Switch. Silicon tabs create a built-in cushion to keep the Switch firmly locked in place during gameplay. Six degrees of free airflow keep the Switch cool, even when the competition heats up. The SwitchGrip Pro is available stand-alone or in Slim, Elite, and Legendary case + accessory bundles. For more information go to www.satisfye.com online.

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