While many of you are still waiting for Neeso Games Arcade platformer of ‘Super Delivery Boy’: A game which is due for release at some point in the near future. There’s another game you should be keep an eye on as developments progress, and that’s Vigilante: A game that was released sometime back as a naff port to the Commodore Amiga. Which is now getting a new port by Neeso Games from the Sega Master System! As in the words of the creator from the first announcement “I prefer this over the arcade version (at least visually). Also the arcade port is already on Amiga and sucks pretty bad”

Here’s the latest from the Facebook post. “Time for some Vigilante SMS to Amiga preview! Here are 3 minutes of gameplay showing some advancements. The first 2 levels and all sprites has been graphically retouched compared to the orginal, the enemies spawning logic is there, need to get more enemies in. Boss fights are still missing but intro and cutscenes are there. It is already possible to walk through all the levels and get to the end of the game. As soon as I finish implementing more enemies I will release a playable demo, so stay tuned!”

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