Apex Legends is an action-packed and arcade battle royale shooter and main competitor to PUBG and Call of Duty Warzone. Players will have to choose their agents and fight opponents in order to remain the one survivor who will take the best reward. You will have to look for equipment and weapons from scratch every time and carefully plan the landing zone and loot and make decisions based on the situation on the map.

There are several sites that can help make Apex Legends more enjoyable and easier to understand for beginners. Let’s talk about them.


Skycoach is a service that provides various services to players, from selling game currency to pumping and learning the basics of the game.

Rating boost

Rating is an important parameter in the world of Apex Legends, it determines the rank of your opponents and the difficulty of game matches. Like other similar projects, Apex selects players of the same level of play so that it would be interesting for everyone to play and develop, but for those who cannot raise their rating, but want to challenge stronger opponents, this service is perfect.

A professional Skycoach player will log into your account with all the security measures and VPN in order to start winning matches and increase your rating. The service can be monitored on the site in real time, upon completion of the order it is recommended to change the password.


Coaching is one of the best services and is very popular among gamers, even higher than rating boost.

Training from a professional Skycoach player on mechanics, agent selection, the best landing spots, shooting and tactics of behavior alone and as part of a squad will guarantee you progress in the rankings, regardless of the level of the game.

Skills and knowledge can be applied in other games with a focus on shooters – only the internal subtleties will differ, and not the general system of the game.

Apex Legends Fandom

Fandom is a great source of all theoretical knowledge in online games.

About Apex there you can find information about weapons and their gradation, places where they are located, armor that is better to equip and what you can get from the airdrop.

About agents, you will find common characteristics and strengths, based on which you can understand weaknesses and take them into account in order to avoid unnecessary deaths.

For example, if you choose Lifelane, then you will always be provided with first-aid kits and ammo, and you won’t have to look for recovery resources on the map, and if you play in a team, you can reanimate any ally using a drone, and not with your own hands, so you can return fire on the enemy in case of recovery.

Mirage is not a simple character who uses deception and illusion as his main weapon, but if you read the description of his capabilities, everything will become much clearer and you will be able to use this character more effectively.

Uses two types of illusions – one creates a copy that the enemy needs to destroy and which is essentially a snag. The second copy can deal damage and serves as an almost identical copy of Mirage with reduced damage.

Read about the best tactics for combat – landing in crowded places is a bad idea. At least until the moment when you can confidently hit your targets, then you can land in the thick of things to farm kill badges.

EA com

The site and forum is entirely dedicated to the Apex Legends game, where you can download the current version and find many articles and recommendations for beginners, as well as buy a battle pass that will add interactivity to the game mechanics.

The site has a complete list of legends available to the player, and if you read a detailed description about each of them, you can understand who is more pleasant and more convenient to play alone and as part of a squad, and who is ideal for improving the rating.

Octine is the perfect solo agent. He has high mobility and passive regeneration, which allows him to regenerate health out of combat in any situation. The hero is especially strong in the early stages, when the weapons in the hands of the players are not so powerful to kill quickly, and speed and stamina paired with regeneration make him an almost perfect killer in the early stages of the game.

For team play, consider Bloodhunt, who sees and smells enemies around and can track down the movement of an enemy fighter, or squad, and seeing the enemy before he sees you is a guarantee and a high probability of a victorious fight.

Wraith is a great option for reconnaissance at any stage of the game – she clearly hears and identifies the enemy, which allows her to be vigilant in a timely manner. It can go to another world and become invisible, but remember that the enemy will see the silhouette and can track you until the end of the effect. Places trampolines to quickly overcome obstacles.


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