This month we have been flooded with Amiga game news from the latest Devil’s Temple : Son of the Kung-Fu Re-Master, to Temptations and Project Quest – Level 3. Well if you’re hoping for more Amiga goodness, we have been told through EAB messages, that Yoz Montana has made available an early access demo for the Amiga AGA game of ‘Snaky – The Mysterious World’. In light of this news we have a new screenshot to show you and hopefully a new video soon from Saberman.

Here is what the website describes about this new game in brief. “Help Snaky get out of this mysterious world, in different levels and different modes such as gravity and Shmup. You have to eat as many apples as possible to have enough abilities to fight all enemies to open secret passages and defeat bosses. You will be able to bite apples, break stones, free fall, cross environments in a balloon, shoot anything that moves, explode rocks and many other things in this exciting adventure game!!”.

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