Gambling has always served as an amazing source of fun and entertainment. The games have evolved over time, and the industry has seen an exponential rise over the years.  The gambling industry crunches millions by the hour, and unapologetically so! The amalgamation of various technologies with casino games has further provided a nudge in the right direction. The industry has a towering stature, and we are talking about large profits. The popularity of gambling is such that several countries have legalized the activities. The revenue that it raises is unfathomable and a huge contributor to the economy of a nation. Therefore, it is impossible to turn a blind eye to this massive industry.

Speaking of gambling and the technologies that have embellished the industry, several video games have featured gambling as a theme since decades. And these retro video games are what we shall be looking into in this article. The retro gaming area has always been an endearing space. Now that we look back, the times make us nostalgic. Therefore, it shall be interesting enough to revisit some of these games that featured gambling and talk about them in details.

Vegas Stakes:

The first game that we have on our list is the Vegas Stakes. Vegas Stakes is one of those games, from the house of Nintendo that we cannot miss out on.  This game has some amazing and extensive details about gambling which makes it our favorite on the list. It was first introduced in 1993 and had a storyline featuring gambling in Las Vegas. Though the game is quite old, it has definitely aged well. It has done a brilliant job infusing gaming and gambling on the same platform, quite a novelty for the period.

Lynx Casino:

The second game that we must talk about while enlisting the retro games featuring gambling is the Lynx Casino. This game was one of the earliest, and featured themes of extensive gambling. The game could also be considered as a lesson in playing cards. The features of gambling included in the games are such that you are sure to pick up some excellent skills. In fact, Lynx Casino can also be considered as a stepping stone into the world of online gambling. The modern-day gambling sites, like, might have been modeled upon this game to an extent.

Casino Kid 1 and Casino Kid 2:

Up next on our list is the Casino Kid 1 and 2. As the name suggests, the game shows how a kid aspires to become a top gambler. The story of the game is quite refreshing. It shows how the casino kid meets new people and makes new connections to gather gambling tips. Of course, the notion of a kid wanting to become the greatest gambler sounds horrendously wrong. But, the gameplay is what we must concentrate upon at this point. The first version of the game only allows you to play Poker and Blackjack. For more content, you need to access the follow-up version of the game.

Super Mario 2:

A very famous name in gaming, Super Mario 2 has broad gambling characteristics that one cannot fail to spot. It comes from the house of Nintendo and features slot machines at the end of each level. You also need to get three of these slot machines in a row to move on to the next level. This is what makes the games more interesting. Super Mario has been a popular franchise. You might find the game even today in some stores. This game had probably been an integral part of many of our childhood. And the mere mention of the name makes us reminiscent of the good old days.

In a Nutshell:

From the discussion that ensued, we can see that gambling has been featured in several video games. The thought of these video games makes us nostalgic since they have been a part of our childhood. While the idea of kids wanting to become a gambler in a video game does not agree well with us, not all these games are similar. Some of the games have been the rightful initiators to the world of online gambling. And some of these continue to remain popular even today.

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