I remember when I first heard about Sonic the Hedgehog (in an Electronic Gaming Monthly Magazine). I thought of how cool it would be to control a blue hedgehog with incredible speed. I think what fascinated me the most was the ability to zip through a stage in seconds.

I recall when I was able to get Sonic for my Sega (unfortunately I did not get the first installment but I did however the second one) and I literally could not put that game down as a kid. I played it so much and with each fast paced death I learned something new, until I had every stage locked into muscle memory. I also believe the other reason why I played it so much was because it was the era before memory cards so saving games were hit or miss back then.

The blue blur took me through stage after stage of fast paced jumping and spinning. On some stages I moved so fast I got dizzy and lost track of the little guy, which only excited me more. Each stage was a puzzle which took strict timing to complete without losing any speed. At some points it was inevitable to be slowed down but at other points you could blow through and feel so much accomplishment because nothing was able to stop you. – Read the rest of the article here from Classic Console Magazine (courtesy of Old School Gamer)!

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