Throughout history, various mysteries have remained unsolved: The Riddle of The Sphinx, The Bermuda Triangle, The Missing Link, and even Bigfoot. But perhaps one of the most puzzling of all is the lack of a great Spider-Man video game.

Not since Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny have we seen a character as popular as Spider-Man. As one of the most enduring characters to span all media, Spider-Man has been entertaining children and adults of all ages for over 37 years.

From his humble beginnings as a feature character in the last issue of “Amazing Fantasy” to his new multi-movie deal with Sony, Spider-Man seems to have it all: comic books, toys, TV shows, video games, movie deals, his own Macy’s Thanksgiving Day balloon, legions of fans, and a beautiful red headed wife named Mary Jane Parker. He’s not a fad like Pokémon or a character past its prime like Betty Boop. With millions reading his comic books and millions more watching his FoxKids television shows, it’s unclear why Spidey has yet to extend his webbings to the digital gaming world. – Read the rest of the article here from Classic Gamer Magazine (courtesy of Old School Gamer)!

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