Today, sports simulators are some of the most popular games, and every year there are more new ones. But prepared a rating of sports computer games that were once popular. If you have not yet played them, be sure to do so.

7. Forza Horizon 4

This part of the Forza Horizon racing series, released in 2018, can delight players with a dynamic change of seasons, beautiful UK landscapes and a fleet of more than 450 car models. The game offers an open world in which the gamer can explore many cities.

6. WWE 2K15

Among computer fighting games the best product is WWE. Playing this sports simulator you will have to feel like a fighter in the arena. The game offers a huge number of different combinations and lethal holds, a system of rules and cool graphics. In the series of games, 2K15 is the brightest and the most memorable. It is in this part that a full career mode appeared, as well as advanced physics and realistic animation, making the fighters look like real wrestlers.

5. Supraball

It is a soccer simulator with shooter elements, which allows you to play in the first person. The release took place in 2014.

Supraball is made in an interesting cartoon style, which gives it a certain charm and strangeness. We should also note the excellent physics like wind, bad weather, impact force – all this affects how your ball will fly into the opponent’s goal.

4. Steep

As a rule, all sports games are either simulation or arcade. The creators of Steep have taken a little bit from each genre.

This game takes you to the Alps, where you’ll have to snowboard down the slopes. Compete with friends at great speeds or go for a measured ride alone – you decide which mode you choose.

The game features cool graphics and stunning implementation. The immersion in snowboarding is guaranteed.

3. Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Need for Speed: ​​Most Wanted is the legendary part of NFS in which you will drive cool cars around the city and participate in street races while cops chase you. The game features over 50 well-known licensed vehicles that you can improve and customize. Moreover, the game is known for its stunning soundtracks.

2. PES 2016PES 2016

Continuation of the popular soccer simulator, designed to allow players to excel in a solo career, assemble their team or defeat, playing for their favorite club. The main star of the part was Neymar, who at the time still played for Barcelona. This soccer club is one of the most popular among betting fans. You can bet on the next game of the legendary Catalan club in one of the bookmakers from the rating.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016, which appeared in 2015, has, according to many players, the best gameplay of the series. Also, player psychology is very well developed in this installment. Famous players can negatively affect the mood of other players, and athlete tactics may not always coincide with the coach’s position.

1. FIFA 12


This masterpiece among sports simulators has turned the FIFA series upside down.

The tactical defense has added a whole new level of strategy to the back line – the player now has the choice of how to take the ball away. The biggest change, however, is the introduction of the collision engine which has forever changed the physics of movement in FIFA. Thanks to a sophisticated calculation system, all player movements were dynamic in real-time. Matches have never looked so realistic, and in each new installment, EA Sports has only improved the physics. That’s why FIFA 12 was released in 2011 and earned a place in our ranking.

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