Back in the day I used to love playing the Arcade bomb dropping multiplayer game of Bomberman; a game which was actually first released way back in 1983 by Hudson Soft and then published by Konami. Well if you too played this awesome game back in the day with a bunch of friends or against the AI, you may be interested to know that if you head on over to the link below, you can play an early demo of Super Bomberman 2 Remix: A remake of the NES/SNES game that is coming to your ZX Spectrum 128k very soon!

Here is what the website says about this upcoming game ” In the far 2001, a Marie Slip’s port of the world famous game “Super Bomberman 2” was released on ZX Spectrum. More than 20 years passed since then, and the same author, but now with a team of professionals, decided to rebuild the game, creating it from scratch. You are waited by hi-quality engine, brand new graphics and music, new prizes, new worlds, new enemies and at the end it is necessary to fight with a boss. The game also has its own uncomplicated story that immerses you in this fun universe. The game’s engine guarantees smooth 50 fps movement and animation, plenty of sound effects and music to AY-8910 from a professional musician, as well as General Sound support”.

  • Code: Marie Slip, Gogin
  • Music: n1k-o
  • Graphics: Joe Vondayl
  • Testing: Black Cat, Alex
  • The demo version is a short incomplete version of the game, it lacks cut-scenes and some weapons. There is only one level in the game which cannot be completed.  Controls in the demo are QAOP+SPACE or Kempston joystick.

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