The first game system I was ever introduced to was the NES (or Nintendo Entertainment System for all you Type A’s). My addiction started early. I was a 6 year old on a daily mission to save Princess Toadstool. My house was the hangout for Super Mario parties, and I don’t want to blow my own whistle, but I was good.

My game of choice you ask? Super Mario Bros. 3. There was something about flying into the sky for coins by jumping on a pink music note, or memorizing the spade panels that just made me hooked. Don’t get me wrong, the original Super Mario Bros. will always be a close second. I mean it’s a classic, the start of a video game revolution. But the new and exciting things Mario could do in 3 kept me coming back for more and more. There were new enemies, power ups, moves and items.

My favorite part was being able to hoard all of your power ups for future use. I’m sure almost everyone reading this has played Super Mario Bros. 3 at least once or twice (or if you’re like me you’ve memorized every level, cheat and power up there is) but we should get into some history of the game. – Read the rest of the article here from Classic Console Magazine (courtesy of Old School Gamer)!

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