Coming Holiday 2017!  Check out this cool video from Retro-Bit

Trick-or-Cheat, smell my feet, give me something good to beat! Tricks, treats, and cheat codes for the Super Retro-Cade console coming to you this December. For more info on the console, visit the link below

Bring the power of an arcade to your home with the Super Retro-Cade plug and play console by Retro-Bit®. Packed with over 90 popular retro games from Capcom, Data East and others! This collection includes fan favorites such as Mega Man 2, Joe & Mac, Bad Dudes, Strider, BurgerTime, Ghosts ‘n Goblins, Final Fight, and more! Take control of the intuitive user interface with two wired 10 ft. controllers compatible with your PC and Mac®. Ditch the quarters and revisit the arcade with Retro-Bit®.

Retro-Bit has been at the forefront of the classic video gaming world as a leader in manufacturing third party accessories for all of our favorite systems. From unique consoles to accessories for original systems, Retro-Bit offers you a new way to play old games.

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