There is no denying it, American football is the sport of choice in the US. Millions upon millions of dollars are bet each year on the outcome of games and the Super Bowl is practically a national holiday. For that reason it is quite surprising that the first real great football video game didn’t come out until 1989’s TECMO BOWL for the NES. (Tecmo released arcade version in 1987)

There were other American football games previous to Tecmo Bowl but none were able to accurately capture the excitement of the sport and do so with controls that were fun to play. Many titles on early systems such as the Atari 2600 and Intellivision fell short with football, with horrible controls while offering good representations of other sports such as hockey, baseball and soccer (or football for all of our friends outside of the US!) – Read the rest of the article here from Classic Console Magazine (courtesy of Old School Gamer)!

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