While all of us love our games and gaming, there are often times when a particular game, after its release is highly underrated even though they are brilliant on every other front. The answer about why it is so, is entirely unknown. It might be that the games, despite being gems failed to strike a chord with the audience.

For instance, you may have loved to play some online casino games before, but found out some better ones today. If you didn’t, you can click hereto find some. Either way, some old school games do not always make the cut.

The 7 Old School Games that Couldn’t Regain Popularity

Here is a list of the 7 best old-school video games that no one played.

1. Black:

Black was a great game to play primarily because of how real its environment felt to the games. However, it failed to make a mark in the gaming world (when it definitely should have!). However, we are hoping for a comeback, maybe in Virtual Reality?

2. Future Cop: LAPD:

This game was experimental, even at a time like today. But a futuristic game set in the year 2098 with the LAPD, and helping them solve crimes is entirely something that gamers should have played when this was released.

3. Tenchu:

Although Tenchuhad a few sequels to its name, this game that was set in old-world Japan, failed to do much. This game had good graphics, and the weapons were insane! Shame this one did not last.

4. Little Big Adventure:

If you love magic and adventure, Little Big Adventure is your thing. A French game, this one allowed you to roleplay a character called Twinsen and fight the arch-nemesis FunFrock. Plus, they had a ball of magic. And it glowed!

5. Crimson Skies:

It is just plain sad that this game is no more available for us to play. You play an air pirate, Nathan Zachary in this game that is set in the year 1937. It had a fantastic system of controls and was a pilot game. This one was a winner that just did not show itself in the numbers.

6. Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy:

Telekinesis coupled with guns as well as the chance to be a psychic, this one was a great game that did not do well with the masses. Forget, GoT’s wall of ice, this one had a massive wall of fire, and we wish that it had its sequels.

7. Shadow man:

Horror plus video games? Hell yes! Gamers could play a Voodoo priest who is out to save the world from the monsters. A teddy bear (not the sweet kind!) is also involved. Plus, it had a well-etched out the storyline for all its characters. And that in itself is the mark of a good game.

Well, the world might have missed out on the opportunity to play some fantastic games, but who knows maybe the companies will bring them back if they saw an increasing interest in these games.

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