As you read through this month’s issue, chances are the classic computer bug will bite you, and you may find yourself searching for a way to acquire one of those marvelous computing devices from the past. Who wouldn’t want to see the beautiful blue screen of a Commodore 64 or the Amiga workbench operating system function right before their eyes again? After completing my console collection many years ago, I felt like getting into classic computers and games would be the next logical step to exploring familiar and unfamiliar territory. Still, I had no idea how costly and frustrating it would be. Vintage computing can be a crapshoot because unless both the hardware and software are well maintained, you may find yourself with a device that won’t even boot up or socketed chips that have just gone bad.

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From the moment he touched an Intellivision controller in 1985, Mike knew that he had experienced something incredible in the world of video games that would shape him for the rest of his life. From that point forward, he would make it his mission to experience video games from every console generation going forward. Eventually, he would become obsessed with magazines that wrote about the games he loved, and it would inspire him to start writing about games himself in 1998 for various local media outlets. Always looking for an opportunity to branch out, Mike eventually coded the foundation of a website that would ultimately morph into Gamer Logic Dot Net, an independent video game site that continues to cover modern and classic video game today. Additional, Mike composes music for indie games under his other alias "Unleaded Logic"