For Atari in the late 70s, the phrase, ―10 Years Ahead of Its Time‖ best describes the Atari 800 computer. To help bring the arcade home in the early ̳80‘s, Atari used the technology of their Atari 400 computer for the new Atari 5200 Game system, the best phrase to describe this would have been: “The Time Is Now.” However in 1987 Atari decided to go into the well again with the same technology and the result was the Atari XE Game System (XEG); the phrase appropriate for this final time
could have been “10 Years Too Late.”

The Atari 8-bit computer line was traditionally a great series of reincarnations that reflected the styles at the particular time a model was released. The 400/800 (the late 70s) was bulky and big to show users they were getting their money‘s worth while the XL series (early 80s) was designed with a professional look & feel to show off the sophistication of an Atari home computer. The XE (mid 80s) was a nod to its sister and Atari‘s computer future: the Atari ST. For the XE Game System, however, this final reincarnation brought the computer line full circle to its video game roots: a successor to the Atari 2600 VCS.

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