They say nothing in life comes for free, but there are so many freebies on offer when you’re shopping online. Here’s how you can get some extra things for free when you checkout online.

More for your money

When shopping online, always check whether there are ways you can get more for your money. You might think the price of the product listed on the page is the price you’ll have to pay, but more often than not, there will be a way for you to be able to get this price down. For example, check whether the items are part of a collection where the retailer offers a lower price when you buy two together. You could even find you end up getting a product free if you buy a certain number of other products in the same promotion.

Some of these discounts are a lot more hidden and might not even be mentioned on the website you’re buying from. For example, there may be a discount code that’s been emailed to you in a newsletter or listed on a different website. No matter what retailer you’re buying from, it’s a good idea to search for these discount codes before completing any purchase. You can also find these codes for different services or subscriptions, like online casino bonus codes, across the internet. Some of these codes for casino games are well worth finding as they could end up significantly increasing or even doubling the amount of money you have to play with when you register. As well as discount codes, check whether the website sells bigger sizes of the product you’re buying. For example, you could find a bottle of moisturizer that is double the size of the one you’re about to buy for the same price, a little more, or even a little less money.

Free delivery

Another thing to consider when buying online is whether you can get free delivery. Many websites will offer free delivery if you spend over a certain amount with them in one order. If you’re close to this amount but not quite spending enough to claim free delivery, think about whether you could be saving money by buying something extra. For example, if you’re $2 away from claiming free delivery, you could avoid having to pay a $5 delivery charge by simply buying something else for $2. As well as saving money, you’ll also have another product to enjoy when your delivery arrives.

Free samples

Freebies are also a great way of helping you decide whether to purchase a product before committing to spending money on them. Many DIY brands, like paint, tile, or flooring retailers, will send you a free sample of their product to help you decide whether it’s right for the room you’re decorating before you commit to ordering it in large amounts. It’s not just DIY retailers that offer this service, so see if any beauty brands will give you a free sample before you buy.

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