Street fighting, ancient battling and ping pong all get plenty of representation in the retro gaming market, but you know who doesn’t? Princesses. Although titles involving princesses are all brilliant without exception, they don’t seem to have been made nearly as often. Luckily for you, we’ve trawled through all of the back catalogues of retro games to find the titles with princesses at their core. Some of them are old favorites, some are relatively undiscovered and some you may never have thought about as princess games before. If you’re into retro gaming and everything princessy then we’ve got a treat for you.

Princess Moon

Slot games are somehow inherently retro. As soon as most of  us start playing them it feels as though we’re back in a saloon of the olden days. Princess Moon is no different, except for a little Japanese flavour. The whole game has a strong anime vibe thanks to the beautiful graphics. Each of the three princesses are rendered in spectacular style, with their illustrations revolving around their special power. Fans of retro classic Sailor Moon will certainly enjoy spinning these reels. Although the game doesn’t purport to be from the makers of the TV series, the name suggests they’ve certainly taken more than a little inspiration. In terms of gameplay, for this game you’ll quite quickly figure out how to play slots as the interface is very simple to use. The great big button spins the reels and the rest depends on where they land. This slot is what’s known as a high volatility slot, which means that in order to reach the return to player ratio, you might have to play for a little longer than some other slots.


Beauty and the Beast: Belle’s Quest

There are so many great games inspired by movies and this 1993 classic is inspired by none other than Beauty and the Beast. The game is the first of a four part series of games based on the title. Although we’re biased towards the most retro of the four, it definitely is the most exciting in terms of gameplay. On this game you’ll be playing as Belle herself and you’ll be taking part in a mission to break into the Beast’s castle. Once inside it will be up to you to break Jafar’s spell and free the Beast and all of the other characters in the castle from the evil wizard’s torment. For a game aimed at young people, the missions certainly get quite tricky! You’ll have to make your way through the dark forest and deep snow, as well as running away from scary animals and even scarier villagers.

Super Mario

One of the most retro of retro classics, Super Mario might not be what you’d originally think of as a princess-themed game, but with the prominence of Princess Peach you’d be wrong not to! Princess Peach is central to the Super Mario gaming experience and depending on the version that you play she is even sometimes the protagonist. Far from being a helpless princess, she was given some more autonomy during the latter versions which we are so here for.

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