Many people from all ages and backgrounds enjoy playing online casino games. While there are a wide variety of choices and sites that offer an easy way to enjoy the thrill of betting, it’s always nice to go back to the origins of casino video gaming on our good old consoles.

These video games of the past are of course very humble in their graphics and gameplay choices. But fuelled by nostalgia, game designers are pushing the retro effect hard these days. Atari, for example, has even launched an online casino site with its greatest hits remastered into casinos online games. As retrogaming fans, let’s take a look at some of the best retro casino games of all time, which surely helped us become those adult online casino fans.

Draw 80 Poker

The 1970s was the decade when casino gaming was revolutionized and became electronic. Mechanical slot machines were replaced by electronic ones. It is a time that will also be remembered for one of the first video poker games developed by the legendary developer Si Redd. The revolution began with the invention of Draw 80 Poker. No more need for a real opponent to play poker! It was perfect for poker enthusiasts who were easily intimidated by others. With Draw 80 Poker, they could play solo and quietly against the computer.

Hollywood Poker

This game was one of the sexiest of the 1980s. Developed by Atari, it featured scantily clad ladies that you could ogle while playing poker. One of them was even a former Miss Germany. By today’s standards, the graphics are severely outdated. But back then, it was like playing a sex game in today’s virtual reality. We’ll let you guess how successful the game was with the male population…

Vegas Stakes

This game was one of the best releases of the early 1990s. It needed a strategy that, if successful, could turn small amounts into millions. The goal was to make $10 million. You could do this by visiting different casinos where you could play slots, poker, blackjack, roulette, and craps. To top it off, there was even an option for multiplayer. The game was released for Super Nintendo in 1993, and Game Boy two years later. It was one of the most realistic games of its time.

If some video games took liberties with the rules of some casino games, such as Square Deal, released on GameBoy in 1992, this is not the case with online casinos which are subject to strict legislation.

Apart from the graphics, the major difference between these video games and online casinos is that real money is involved, so be sure to check out a guide, as to bet safely!

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