It was 1994, and I had just started my new position as Managing Editor of Game Players magazine. I’d been a computer gamer for years, but this was my first step into the world of video game consoles. I learned a lot about console games by watching the game reviewers playing the games at a very high level, completing a game in days that would take a civilian weeks to finish. We’d get new games that no one had ever seen before every day in the mail. It was heaven… and then, one day, a Super Bomberman 2 game came in for review.

While the single player game was very intense, the first time we booted up the multi-player battle game every one knew that this was a very special game… a game for the ages.

For the next 3 or 4 weeks, there were SB2 battles raging day and night! It got so intense that, at one point, I had to outlaw the game so we could get the issue out. That issue got wrapped in record time, and the battles roared on!

I was so hooked on SB2 that I did an unheard-of thing: I went out and bought a SNES and a copy of SB2 and immediately took it home. I plugged into the big screen and started playing the battle mode against the machine. I did this every night for a week straight. My band mates and friends noticed that I’d found a new addiction. And then it happened…

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BOMB SQUAD or Boom Goes The Dynamite!

In order to function perfectly under extreme stress, a Bomb Squad must be made up of outstanding individuals.

First, there’s me: Guy Mandood. I’m the guy who makes things go Boom! Or not… I think not is better here. Definitely not…

Then there’s Frank. He’s the Shot Caller. We call him that because he calls the shots, like “Remove this part first.” or “Lower… lower.” or “Remember to breathe.”

Then there’s Fluggi and Mojo. They perform that irritat- ing music that’s always playing in your headset while you’re trying to work. And let’s not forget about Bob Bob Jr. He drives the Bomb Squad van around the block, setting off the siren every once in a while so we all can feel important.

And last, but not least, there’s Boris. He sets the bombs to blow up buildings. I know, he’s a terrorist, but if Boris didn’t go around setting bombs, we’d all be out of work, pushing shopping carts and eating dog food.

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