In recent years, retro video games have become incredibly popular, with the likes of the Nintendo DS and Gameboy selling for much more than their original retail value on second-hand sites. In an age where we have access to the latest cutting-edge games at the touch of a button, it seems unusual that games from the ’80s and ’90s would become so popular again.

This new trend is shaping the gaming industry in which newer games are now being developed based on these popular retro games. Online games such as slots games are becoming some of the most popular retro gaming options as players crave a simpler way of gaming like the good old days.

Below, we’ll explore what retro gaming is and why it is making a comeback.

What is retro gaming?

The term retro is rather subjective as what may be considered retro to someone in their 20’s is not going to be considered retro to someone double their age. When we use the term retro, we usually mean something from the past, whether it be a fashion item, a piece of artwork, a car, or a game.

In the world of gaming evolution, we generally consider retro games to be those of the 1980s or ’90s. This is because the gaming industry has developed so rapidly that today’s technologies are hardly recognizable compared to what we were first introduced to. As another rule, retro games are generally classed as games created 15-20 years ago, as this enables us to classify games as time moves on.

Retro slot games

Back in the ’80s and ’90s, a retro game was usually found in the arcade and had themes like Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Galager or Galaxian. They were the type of slot games that featured in typical movie scenes and involved shooting aliens or playing a character in a boxing ring.

However, today’s retro slot games are very different from the retro slot games of the ’80s and ’90s. Today’s slot games have evolved to become a largely online offering in which people from all over the world can access their favourite games at the touch of a button and on most devices. However, the modernity of slot games has meant that people often crave the simpler times where games were simply action and reaction, rather than a complex plot that’s similar to a movie.

Introducing today’s retro slot games. While today’s retro slot games incorporate aspects of the latest technologies, like online play through live streaming, larger jackpots and progressive bonuses, they still feature the simplicity of old retro games.

Why are retro games so popular?

While technology is progressing so quickly, it’s easy for gamers to get caught up in the hype of brand-new games. Yet, there’s something about older games that become outdated or incompatible with newer devices that leave players craving the familiar.

Whether it’s fond memories from their childhood or just the simplicity of the past which made gaming so simple, there’s now a huge increased demand for retro games. Studies show that the average Canadian gamer is between 34 and 38 years old. These gamers most likely grew up in an era where basic video games were first becoming available for home use, in which the real classics were brought out.

Retro consoles making a comeback

It’s not just the online slot industry that has been utilizing people’s love of retro games. The huge market demand for such games has meant that retro devices like the Gamecube, Gameboy and Nintendo DS are all now becoming available to buy again.

Taking Nintendo as an example, they were one of the most popular household names of the ’80s and ’90s, in which many children owned a Nintendo handheld device and were familiar with games like Mario Bros and Super Mario Bros. Yet, if we look at the most recently released handheld console brought out by Ninteodo – the Switch, it closely resembles that of the Nintendo handhelds brought out in 1980 and 2001.

While the Nintendo Switch is much more advanced than the handhelds brought out back in the ’80s and ’90s, it has the same simplistic features and a wealth of retro games that can be played on the divide – including Mario Kart.

Technologies role in retro gaming

It’s clear that while the retro game will always remain fundamentally the same, technology is shaping the way these retro games are played and accessed. While retro games were first explored in gaming arcades in the ’80s on machines large enough to fill the room of a home, today’s retro games are accessed through some of the most modern technologies we have.

Developers are now creating retro games that have the same benefits as today’s modern games, while maintaining the simplicity of the actual gameplay, satisfying the needs of a variety of retro gaming fans.

Overall, it’s clear to see that while technology continues to develop at an alarming pace and is shaping the gaming industry, the trends keep coming back around full circle. From Super Mario and space invaders to games like Mario Kart and Among Us, while the technology continues to develop, there’s no doubt that such classing racing and space-themed retro games will follow us long into the future.

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