Games on mobile phones have come a long way over the past 20 years. The games started on small devices as tiny killers and grew to very large world-spanning epics which are now experienced on smartphones. This has been successful because of two main reasons. First of all, there is the evolution of android smartphones and next is the presence of high speed internet. Thanks to all of these because you can now access cool casino games on your phone easily.

The humble beginning

There is one word that defines the beginning of mobile gaming, snake. Before the introduction of snake, there were other mobile games that existed before. However, the snake was the centre of attraction in olden days when you thought of mobile games. The game was very simple to play and as you moved to the every level, it was very entertaining and many of us can concur that it was very addictive. The point of the game was to control the snake so that it eats more dots for you to earn more points that will take you to the next level of the game. In early years of 2000s, it was quite easy to while away some of your spare hours.

Tetris was another game introduced in 2000 which came after the success of the snake game. Tetris is the famous video game of 1984 and was now on mobile phones for the first time ever. This is basically a puzzle game that allows players to modify and control a new piece that is generated at the top with the aim of matching colours to increase your tallying points in the game. The game featured a low pixelated graphics with each tile consisting of a different colour from the other.

Sonic the Hedgehog was the next game that was brought to mobile phones in 2001. The game featured Sonic who was running with a focus to stop Robotnik, the evil doctor against taking over world stole. Asteroid was another game on mobile phones which was introduced in 2004 and this is the time there were more and more games that were being introduced on mobile phones. We also had Tap Tap Revolution in 2007 on Apple iPhone which was a very beautiful and enjoyable game that could now be enjoyed on a touchscreen mobile phone. In 2009 we had Angry Birds and then the famous Temple Run in 2011 before the introduction of Clash of Clans in 2012. More and more games continued to be developed as the technology advanced.

Eventually mobile phones started to experience quality screens and there was the introduction of smartphones with an increase in the power of its processor. This made the quality of the games to also increase. There was now the introduction of Bobby Carrot and Word Mole. These games were introduced on smartphones as the screens of these phones had high definitions and this was in the mid-2000s. Time killer games like the snake had to experience some advancement but they couldn’t now match the quality and entertainment of portable consoles that are being experienced on PCs.

Video gameswere first introduced in mobile devices in 1998 for the very first time ever. This is what changed the way we see mobile phones in terms of gaming. The revolution has since then created an impact that can’t be regretted at all. There is still continuity and improved of the whole idea as mobile games are now getting better each and every day nowadays

Smartphones evolution

After the humble beginning where we had small devices with simple but entertaining games, there was now the introduction of smartphones in the mid-2000s. The introduction of smartphones brought in games like Bobby Carrot and Word Mole. They continued to advance at a faster rate than the PCs and consoles. By then, the pace was at a high speed because companies that manufactured smartphones were very many and there was a lot of competition amongst them. Smartphone companies now introduced newer gadgets that could be used to connect to the internet fully. In early 2000s, companies had manufactured phones that were WAP-enabled. The phones did not pick up well because they were quite expensive and secondly, they had very few function.

Smartphones were very different devices during this era and now they could allow access to the internet. At least they could allow access to high speed internet within no time. The games on these devices were now very sophisticated and far much advanced. Downloading games on such sophisticated devices was now easy and faster compared to their predecessors. The smartphones then became a hub of games and games became a feature on them and not just an ad. The smartphones now became a host of several entertaining games like the Candy Crush, the Magic Rush and many more. These games had a great combination of high levels of technology ever experienced and internet accessibility that gave gamers desired gaming experience.

Players now were able to play a bunch of great games and they were now able to access sportsbooks using smartphones for the first time ever. A smartphone holder now could access different sites like the bonus seeker which has a wide selection of the best sportsbooks around the world. The ability of users accessing the internet using advanced smartphones was now a widespread phenomenon. Users of smartphones now could use the internet to access most of the sporting event in the entire world and wager on games anytime and anywhere.

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