Gaming has been part of our lives for a long time. When thinking of games many think of boardgames, playing at the playground as a kid or even the arcades full of different kinds of machines and games that bring out a nostalgic feeling. Old school games are a joy to get back in touch with, and it’s fun to see where it all began. Gaming has changed a whole lot in a very short amount of time, but the joy of letting go and getting into a good game hasn’t changed much. Playing games and succeeding in whatever task the game may present, bring the player a rush of happiness making the player want to continue their quest. This is exactly why we want to pursue and continue playing over and over again. Games also act as a social thing and a way to connect or get closer to people you care about and is in general a great way to socialize a bit while staying entertained.

Offline to online

When the gaming industry began, everything was offline. It was either card games or board games. The gaming evolution has come a long way since then, starting off with the first arcade games that started to appear around 1971. Some well-known arcade games are games such as “Pong”, “Pac-Man”, “Doom” and the classic, “Tetris”. These were all very popular games that took the industry even further in its evolution. Even before all of this, casinos became popular with their enticing card games, slots and ways of betting on your own luck. When the internet came along, the gaming industry of course acted and made games to be played on computers. Suddenly you didn’t have to go to an arcade to play games anymore. Eventually this led to massive online games and gaming communities that are still widely popular to this day, where many even make a lot of money from gaming as it has become a large industry. Inevitably the casinos moved to online platforms as well and many casinos are exclusively online now too. It can even be hard to figure out how to navigate all the possibilities of online casinos and slot machines, luckily there are aids online that help navigate the possibilities, one is where you can find many casinos and reviews of them, all in one place and pick the one that suits your needs.

The future of gaming

The future of gaming is definitely online. There is so much to explore and it’s a huge industry that is estimated to surpass $200 billion in 2023 with almost all gaming industries expected to continue increasing their revenue. Some even say that gaming and its platforms will be the new social media. Gaming has evolved so much over the past decade or so, and the industry is still flourishing and getting bigger and bigger every day. Many friendships and connections are made every day between gamers all over the world. The internet brought all players together and made all games more accessible to all people. You can find everything online, all from the newest games, popular casinos with traditional card games, slots and alike, even the old-school nostalgic games have got an online version too so you can reminisce about them. Old school games can be fun to look back on but looking into the future of gaming is even more exciting.

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