If you’ve ever set foot inside an arcade, you know how fun and magical of a place they really are. Dating back to the early 1970s, the first arcade game was released by two students of Stanford University, later followed by Atari Inc. launching the first widely successful arcade game, Pong. Most of us today have cherished memories of playing Pac-Man or the like, rapidly pushing the little red, yellow, green and blue buttons and swerving the joystick in steady, fast movements from side to side. However, the popularity of arcade games didn’t last more than a few decades and by the early 2000s people were turning their eyes towards different, more advanced modes of play.

Perhaps it’s the brief history and uniqueness of these games that means they’re still so special for many people today, as happening upon one of these machines feels like a ticket back in time.

Anyone who grew up in the era of arcade games knows the process of furiously mashing the machine’s buttons for a chance to win at whatever game you were playing

However, thanks to the technological advancements in our society that have allowed land-based casinos to function perfectly online, many of these internet platforms also offer the opportunity to play a variety of arcade games. And they aren’t just a great way to reminisce about the old days, but by combining these old-fashioned games with the modern-day online casino atmosphere, the entertainment aspect is even better than how you remember it. The games are interactive, often including a betting aspect which will be easy to understand for those already used to practicing with free bets in sports, as well as various rewards that advance users through different levels, adding a heightened sense of enjoyment.

You’ll recognize all your old favorites such as skeeball, darts, and pinball, to name but a few. The next generation of gamers are increasingly turning towards the online casino atmosphere to enjoy these throwback games in a way that is currently trending across the globe. With fun games like these available on the internet, those wondering where to play pinball can now head to an online casino instead of an old-school arcade.  In fact, 77% of users in a recent survey stated that if a casino game resembled an arcade game, they would understand how to play. As an easy and fun introduction into the online casino gaming world, arcade games are being brought back into mainstream entertainment, bigger and better than ever before.

Thanks to the presence of arcade games online, users can choose which device to play from, enjoying the experience in a way that is appropriate to the times we are living in

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