Games undergo significant changes and technological innovations all the time. This happens side by side with the evolution of electronic devices. The first digital games required large machines to be played; today, a small smartphone does all the work.

Throughout the history of gaming, great companies have created not only great games but also video game devices. Today the online games industry is as valuable as the movie industry; for example, they even talk to each other in many cases.

Famous games turn into movies, and big box office movies become games. The two industries find together great opportunities to profit and increase their income.

But that’s not what we are to discuss in this content. We aim to share the history of digital games from the 90s to the present day. Let’s get started!

How Did We Get to the Modern Gaming Sphere?

The internet has brought great changes to the world of online gaming. Poker was one of the most prominent in this change, gaining tremendous popularity. This was because the internet is free.

Because of this, people lost the borders and limitations of their countries. They were able to start to play online slots and poker, as is the case in Brazil, which has a large number of Texas Holdem players without having any physical casino.

Nowadays, due to the professionalization that gaming has brought, starting with the poker industry and spreading to the entire gaming market.

The Gaming Timeline for the 1970s Till Date

Below we show some of the most critical points in the evolution of gaming from different decades to the present day:

Games During The ’70s

In its first year, in 1971, the first commercial arcade game was released. The following year, the company Magnavox released the first console called Odyssey. This first device has only 12 games. Meanwhile, Atari, a company founded by the programmers of the first arcade, released more games.

It is worth remembering that one of them is about zombies in 1976, which generated controversy. The company soon launched its Atari 2600 console. The Space Invaders arcade was released in Japan in 1978, which became a sales success.

Games During the ’80s

A Japanese company develops Pac-man, which becomes another success selling 100,000 arcade units in just 15 months and generating an income of over a billion dollars. Another company created Nintendo, with the first successful game Donkey Kong, called Jumpman, which became the infamous Mario.

The Soviet government created Tetris in 1984, and 4 years later, it was sold and taken to Japan and became part of GameBoy, selling 35 million copies. In 1989, the SimCity game was released and became a hit too, although several people criticized it. During those years, the most important event was the creation of Gameboy, which could be compared to today’s mobile revolution.

Games During the ’90s

This is the year of the internet. The game Warcraft was released in 1994. The company Sony launched the PlayStation, which is an accessible video game for the gaming population, and it became pretty popular. The console brought games like Gran Turismo and Resident Evil, among many others.

It is worth mentioning that the Capcom title became a movie, as pointed out above, and both became series with several productions. In 1996, Nintendo released the Nintendo 64.

Games During the 2000s

During this period, PlayStation continued to evolve, and Microsoft created the Xbox to compete with Sony’s console, a technology that brings most gaming applications from PCs.

Xbox underwent changes after 5 years and became Xbox360. For a while, Xbox had a higher number of game sales than Nintendo and Playstation. Therefore, to return to the market, Nintendo launched the Wii model. Almost at the end of the decade, Apple created the Apple Store to bring mobile games, giving space for Angry Birds to grow.

Today’s Games

From there to here in the last 10 years, the evolution took place, undeniably, through mobiles. That’s because a large part of the games are created for both consoles and cell phones.

Virtual reality and glasses are the next step, which has not yet become popular, due to the price of the devices and their applicability and functionality.

Within the poker industry, several sites already use virtual reality to bring the experiences of physical tables into the online environment. But a lot can still happen as companies are constantly investing and analyzing what their consumers want to consume.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, would you mind telling us what you think of this time travel? Remember the great games of the 90s? 2000? After all, these were challenging but fun times. Leave your comments on your favorite games below.

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